CM Ramesh, a Big Fraudster

CM Ramesh, a Big Fraudster

CM Ramesh, a Big Fraudster

TDP RajyaSabha MP CM Ramesh is trying to act as if he is clean and does nothing wrong. He is trying his best to show-case himself as a victim of Vindictive Politics. He is acting as if he is being targeted for political reasons.

But, the facts are out before people now. IT Raids have exposed CM Ramesh. People can now judge by themselves, how CM Ramesh has resorted to corruption, evading taxes, looting public money for his boss.

Modus Operandi of CM Ramesh :-

1) Managing the tender conditions suiting his requirements and making competitors ineligible misusing his official position in the Govt.

2) Threatening genuine contractors to come for a compromise by offering some percentage of value of contract.

3) After eliminating competition two or three of his own Benami companies bid with 10-20 excess over and above contract value.

According to media reports here are the revelations from ID Raids on CM Ramesh’s residence and offices.

1. IT Probe found dubious transactions of about Rs. 100 crore. RPPL Company has been found to have allegedly siphon off Rs. 74 crore through untraceable transactions, while bills of Rs. 25 crore have been allegedly found to be dubious.

2. A sub-contractor, M/s EDCO was paid Rs. 12 crore by RPPL. The company could not be found at the addresses mentioned in the records. One Mr. Saibab, an accountant with RPPL found in possession of the stamp and seal of EDCO. It shows that it is being used to siphon off funds.

3. Of the Rs. 33 crore bills, bills of Rs. 25 crore purchased for a commission and cash amounting to Rs. 23 crore received back. Neitherly accountant nor the Director could explain this discrepancy.

4. The company received Rs. 12.24 crore from steel suppliers but the cash transactions could not be explained. Another Rs. 7.98 crore cash received from steel suppliers for 2% commission. RPPL made a series of suspicious transactions through various sub-contractors to allegedly siphon off money.

5. A payment of Rs. 6 crore to M/s NKG constructions, a Delhi sub-contractor could not be substantiated as no bills were found. Also found that a loan of Rs. 2.97 crore was utilized for personal purposes by those involved with the company.

6. Bills of Rs. 25 crore for steel purchases by M/s AAK steels and M/s BSK have been found to be dubious. Payment worth Rs. 8.4 crore in the records is unexplainable.

7. Recovered Rs. 13 lakh from residence and also seized $3000 from the TDP leader.

Hoping that CM Ramesh now will stop talking/lecturing on ethics, principles, democracy and good governance. He has lost the moral right to talk on these issues. He is a proven fraudster now.

CM Ramesh – A Big Scamster

Like that of a Cat which closes its eyes while taking milk assuming that no one is observing, CM Ramesh (TDP MP) was looting public money by manipulations, frauds and illegal means. But, it is a known fact that CM Ramesh has amassed huge wealth by looting the Government treasury, his blatant loot evident to every naked eye. Here are certain facts to prove CM Ramesh a big scamster.

1. Based on fake certificates, M/s Rithwik Projects Pvt Ltd in which TDP M.P, C.M. Ramesh was a director, was awarded Construction of civil works of Dam, spill way and power house works of Koteshwar Hydro electric project (400 MW) in Uttarakhand.

2. M/s Rithwik Projects Pvt Ltd was kept under blacklist during the earlier regime of TDP Govt.

3. This company executed work in Tehri Dam as a subcontractor to M/s Progressive Construction and has put up a false claim without actually executing the work properly by inflating the expenditure for Rs. 800 crore invoking the escalation clause. Sri C.M. Ramesh, TDP M.P is lobbying with Uttarakhand Govt. to get award passed through arbitrations offering huge bribes to the authorities concerned.

4. M/s Rithwik Projects Pvt Ltd were kept under the list of contractors deficiency report (CDR) till recently, after the TDP came into power in 2014, this firm is put out of CDR list.

5. This firm is known for harassing subcontractors while making payments for the works executed by them. The firm uses fake subcontractors for cash withdrawals, as is evident from the recent IT raids. The firm paid an amount of Rs. 12 crore to a bogus company M/s EDCO, which is not in existence. An employ of M/s RPPL was operating by keeping stamp & seal of M/s EDCO.

6. M/s Rithwik Project Pvt Ltd were also reported to be kept under blacklist by Odisha Govt for its failure in executing iron ore works.

7. Sri C.M. Ramesh’s Rithwik Company was almost bankrupt before 2014. But without any tenders, the company has managed to get contracts worth around 3,658 crore in Sri Chandra Babu Naidu present stint in Andhra Pradesh. The works include Handri-Neeva Srujala Sravanthi (HNSS), Galeru–Nagari Srujala Sravanthi (GNSS), Velugonda tunnel, and rehabilitation package works of Gandikota reservoir.

8. There are major differences in the election affidavits filed by the TDP MP, C.M. Ramesh, which are not matching with the IT returns.

9. In the past three years the growth in the business empire of C.M. Ramesh, TDP M.P is unparalleled, whereas increase the income tax payments is not in proportion, as majority of transactions took place in cash.

10. In four years the assets of C.M. Rameh’s company increased by hundreds of crore. The business of Rithwik is increased by 145% in two years of TDP Govt.

11. The companies operated by the TDP, MP, C.M. Ramesh include in addition to Rithwik projects (a) Rithwik property pvt ltd, (b) Rithwik holdings pvt ltd, (c), Rithwik green power pvt ltd (d) Kadiri green power pvt ltd (e) Global earth mineral pvt ltd, (f) Rithwik agricultural farms pvt ltd. These are in addition to no. of shell companies through which dubious transactions are carried out in crore.

CM Ramesh cannot deny the facts mentioned above. In case, he wishes to, then he should himself write to the authorities requesting for CBI or Judicial inquiry, which he will never do as he is a scamster.