I visited Sabarmati Ashram on 14th July, 2017

I visited Sabarmati Ashram on 14th July, 2017
  1. I was accorded a traditional welcome at Sabarmati Ashram.

  1. One of the ‘Sevaks’ explaining about the social, religious and cultural activities being done in Sabarmati Ashram.


  1. Right in front of the main entrance of the Museum called “Sabarmati Shatabdi – A Karyanjali’’.

  1. At the historic “Charkha” used by Mahatma Gandhi.

  1. Caretaker of the Ashram telling how Mahatma Gandhi use to make thread out of Charkha.

  1. Have a look at the utensils, bicycle used by Mahatma Gandhi

  1. At the Kutir where legendary Shri Vinobha Bhave stayed for long.

  1. Writing about my experience and joy about visiting Sabarmati Ashram in Visitor’s dairy

  1. Some pics from Sabarmati Museum

  1. With students of FD Education Society who were at the Ashram to guide and help the visitors.

  1. At Charkha Gallery in Sabarmati Ashram

  1. At River front on Sabarmati River

  1. With school children sharing my experience on visiting the Sabarmati Ashram