CAG report has exposed false claims of Chandrababu Naidu government

The state of Andhra Pradesh faces a herculean task as it tries to emerge from the huge economic blow that was dealt by the bifurcation of the state.

While Telangana got a head start, the residual Andhra Pradesh had to start from the scratch, literally.

The people of the state needed a responsive, intelligent government that could think and plan for the future… take decisions that ensure long-term gains and more importantly implement those decisions with sincerity.

But alas they got an insensitive, corrupt and an inefficient government – a government that did not have the vision to take the state out of this crisis and build a strong foundation for the future.

The key to taking this challenge head-on was good governance and an innovative management of the state’s finances.

However, a report by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India on the economic sector for the year ended March 2017 is a telling commentary on how the Chandrababu Naidu government has failed on all the fronts.

The comments made by the CAG in the audit report is an eye-opener and points to the urgent need for correctives to be taken.

The CAG report details the significant results of Performance Audit and Compliance Audit on Water Resources Department; Information Technology, Electronics and Communications Department; Environment, Forests, Science and Technology Department; and Industries and Commerce Department.

Here are the conclusions made in the report for the above-mentioned departments:

1. Polavaram irrigation project: The performance audit of this dream project led to this conclusion:

“Progress of execution of Polavarm project which had commenced in the year 2004 had been slow mainly due to improper planning, delays in finalization of designs, land acquisition and R&R, and also due to the Department’s inability to enforce the contract conditions. As a result, the possibility of completion of the project and achievement of intended objectives by the target date of 2019 appears improbable.”

The CAG report goes on to specify all the lapses in the implementation of the project and gives detailed reasons for its assessment as to why the project will not be completed on time.

2. The Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department

CAG report conclusion: The Department’s monitoring on implementation of IT projects and performance of Incubators was poor. As a result, there were abnormal delays in implementation of IT projects by IT Units. The Department had not been able to put to use the space created in Incubation Centres. Thus, there was no assurance that the objective of promoting IT industry/start-up companies and creation of employment was achieved as intended.

3. Implementation of Biological Diversity Act, 2002 by Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board

CAG report conclusion: Even after a decade since formation of AP State Biodiversity Board, the State has not attained the level of preparedness necessary for Implementation of the Biological Diversity Act.

4. Implementation of Andhra Pradesh Single Desk Policy 2015 in Industries & Commerce Department

The Andhra Pradesh Single Desk Policy 2015 was made to provide all clearances required for starting and operating an industry within 21 working days at single point through Information Technology (IT) enabled platform with an aim to improve the ease of doing of business in the state. In furtherance of the Policy, the Industries and Commerce Department launched (April 2015) a web-based Single Desk Portal (SDP).

CAG report conclusions: The Single Desk Portal had gaps in the software which were causing hindrances in achievement of the objective of providing single window clearances to industrial units through a user-friendly online environment.

5. Implementation of irrigation schemes under Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme

CAG report conclusions: Progress of the projects under Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme suffered due to delays in land acquisition, forest clearance, etc. As a result, the objective of taking up these projects under AIBP had not been achieved fully.

Thus it is clear that the Chandrababu Naidu government has failed to deliver on several fronts. Having lost valuable four years that could have been used to lay a strong foundation for a successful state, this government is now trying to fool the people of the state by putting all the blame on the Centre.

Yes, it is true that the BJP-led government at the Centre is also responsible for step-motherly treatment to Andhra Pradesh, but the main culprit for this present mess is without any doubt chief minister Chandrababu Naidu and his inefficient government.

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